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Must have Books: click here for excerpts

The Soncino Torah

Recalling the Covenant


the New Koren Talmud

   a great review!


Serious Learners:
Hebrew English Bible

Introduction to Mishneh Torah

Weekly Parsha Insights

Study Mishneh Torah - Complete Restatement of the Oral Torah


Interesting Blogs:



Daily Halachot by R. Ovadia Yosef

Audio Downloads:

Important Posts:


Youtube videos by R. Marc Angel


5-Star Ocean Liner Cruise

5-Star Glatt Kosher Food


Worthwhile Giving:

Meals for the Hungry

Bikur Cholim

Efrat - Save Children

Meir Panim - Feed the Hungry

Maimonides wrote, "Even a poor person who lives entirely on tzedakah must also give tzedakah to another." (Mishneh Torah)









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Learn about authentic Jewish Mysticism


How problematic is Astrology?


A new look at Modesty (tzniut) in Jewish Law


What are we trying to sell here?











Palm Reading and Judaism


Mezuza, for protection?

Novelty of Orthodoxy

Mezizah bepeh

Qorbanot and the Rambam

The Future of Judaism

Understanding the Oral Law

Rationalist vs Mystical Judaism

Learn Hebrew!

What are Non-Jews to do in this World?

Enhance your Relationship 

Jewish Ideas and Ideals

Orthodox Judaism: A Rather new phenomenon as well









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March 17, 2013