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The Soncino Bible




This Hebrew-English edition of the Five Books of Moses, with corresponding Haftorahs, has been used in synagogues and classrooms throughout the English-speaking world for decades, yet it is still fresh and relevant. In this compact volume, the late Chief Rabbi of England, Rabbi Dr. Joseph Hertz, provides readers with a lucid exposition of the text and the spiritual and ethical teachings of the Torah, culled from a wide range of scholarly literature. It contains the full Hebrew text, line-by-line English translation, and the classic Hertz commentary. Complete with all the Haftorahs for holidays and special Sabbaths.

Unlike the popular Artscroll Stone version, this version tries to stay true the original meaning and  interpretations of of the text.

Recalling the Covenant: A Commentary on the 5 Books of the Torah



Recalling the Covenant is a result of an extensive study of the traditional interpretations of the Bible. It is a close and careful reading of the Five Books of Moses according to their plain sense. However, plain sense in this case includes meaningful acknowledgement of intertextual associations, explanations of what appear to be intentional quirks in wording or syntax, straightforward metaphoric accounts and symbolic allusions, as well as employment of other literary techniques that have often been underestimated in importance. It must be stressed that the author consistently insists on interpretations being in harmony with the text.  









The Horizontal Society is an exposition of rabbinic thought as exemplified by Maimonides. The thought streams of Greece, Rome, and Christendom serve as a contrast.  This book illustrates the horizontal organization of the Jewish people. Other social organization is based on hierarchy. Two principles made this difference possible for Israel. First, the Hebrew Scriptures alone propose that every human being is created in the image of God. This necessitates the absolute equality of every human being. Second, the Sinai covenant establishes the Law as the supreme authority. Whereas in other societies, might is the source of authority, in Judaism authority is limited by the Law.


Seeking Good, Speaking Peace





A collection of representative essays in the areas of Jewish thought, Jewish law, Sephardica and general contemporary issues written by Rabbi Marc Angel.

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David Aaron explores the most fundamental and universally troubling questions we all ask at some point in our lives: Who am I? Why am I? What is life all about? What do I need to do to love and be loved?


Jewish Guide

to Life





This book lucidly and powerfully explains some of the deepest concepts of Judaism and demonstrates how those ideas can and should guide decisions, major life choices, relationships and growth to real maturity

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Koren Talmud


Mishneh Torah

Jewish Meditation






The late Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan explores the Jewish roots of meditation, and practical meditations according to Jewish tradition. He points out how meditation is an ancient part of Jewish religious tradition, contrary to popular belief.

He then presents a guide to a variety of meditative techniques: mantra meditation (with suggested phrases and Bible verses to use as mantras); contemplation; visualization; experiencing nothingness (which he does not recommend for beginners); conversing with God; and prayer. His instructions are clear and explicit, and his advice is informed and sound, advocating that a simple 20-minute-a-day program can indeed help make the practitioner a better person and a better Jew, and develop a closer relationship to God and things spiritual.



Gateway to Happiness






Practical guide that is intended to enable the reader to increase his level of happiness, peace of mind, and self-esteem, and decrease negative emotions such as sadness, anger, worry, and anxiety.


Excellent contents, covering almost every human emotion or thought, and what the rabbinic sages, Talmud, or Torah have written about these subjects. The chapter titles give you an idea of how comprehensive in scope this 435-pg is: 1. Happiness is an obligation. 2. Appreciating what you have. 3. Happiness is dependent on your thoughts. 4. Peace of mind.
5. Joy of mitzvos. 6. Realizing one's self-worth. 7. Friendship. 8. Living in the present. 9. Worry. 10. Sadness. 11. Anger . . . etc



Secret Life

of God





According to one ancient sage, "Kabbalah is not the path to paradise but the path to paradox." Yet Rabbi Aaron untangles enough of that paradox to leave us with a much clearer picture of paradise. He takes the existential and makes it tangible

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Why Marry






It's a question many young singles have asked themselves at one point or another. Here are some very convincing answers





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