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   "אין  עוד  מלבדו"                             

   דברים 4:35


   "There is nothing but G-d!"                      

   Devarim  4:35

This quote from the Torah is a very powerful meditation to remind ourselves of G-D's presence in every situation.  The deep meaning of this phrase is discussed extensively in the Kabbalah.  One idea taught in the Kabbalah is that nothing in life is a coincidence.  It is taught in the Kabbalah that G-D created the world in order to give the experience of infinite goodness to all of the creation.  It is explained that presently this goodness is concealed from us, while we are all throughout our lives presently undergoing spiritual transformations.  It is explained in the Kabbalah that everyone in the world is part of one universal soul.  Billions of parts of this soul have been going through generation after generation throughout the entire course of human history.  It is explained in the Kabbalah that everything we are going through in our daily lives, is actually on the deepest level, spiritual transformations.  It is explained that we will eventually reach the time when all the parts of the universal soul will have completed the spiritual work and development that were designed for them to experience.  At that time, it becomes realized that we are all one universal and eternal soul.  At this time G-D's purpose of creation becomes revealed, and G-D's infinite goodness is experienced by all creation.

It is taught in the Kabbalah that we have all been given free will.  At the root of our free will is how much effort a person decides to dedicate in their life towards spirituality and working to help others in any way that they can.  Although we have been given free will, it is taught in the Kabbalah that every single thing we experience in our lives, down to the very last detail -all has a profound meaning.  There is the idea that underneath the entire "movie" of our lives, even thought we have free will, G-D is running the "movie".  There is the idea that everything we go through, even the most difficult and painful events of our lives, has behind it a Divine reason  -that everything we go through is in order to help our soul reach the state where it can experience all of G-D's infinite goodness.  It says in the Kabbalah that it is the hardest thing for us to realize and remember that G-D's infinite goodness is underneath everything we go through in our lives, but that this is the most important thing for us to try to realize all the time.

The 1st word of this phrase from the Torah  אין  can be translated as "nothingness", but also means "everything which is beyond our understanding".  In the book,  Jewish Meditation by Rav Aryeh Kaplan, there is a chapter discussing the meditation of  אין.   For a Kabbalistic discussion of how "There is nothing but G-d", while at the same time we have free will; see the book Innerspace, also by Rav Aryeh Kaplan, which contains a section discussing this concept.


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