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Keeping it Kosher


Jewish Philosophers have tried to understand and explain the laws of kashrut for thousands of years.



We have compiled a few good links to provider you with some reading material:


1. A summary of the traditional views of Kashrut.


2. What is the reason why sexual and kosher laws are grouped together by Maimonides in his work the Yad Hachazaka, also known as the Mishneh Torah?  --> read more


3. " Maimonides appears to base the entire system of the Torah's dietary code on medical concerns, claiming that the foods prohibited for consumption are unhealthful. But is that really what he was explaining or has he been misrepresented --> read more


4. Rabbi Moshe Shamah on Parsha Shemini that introduces the Torahs laws of Kashrut. Starts on page 2.


5. More advanced reading for kashrut, by Rabbi Moshe Shamah.


6. If you are troubled by the three animals that the Torah talks about (that only have 1 kosher sign) Rabbi Slifkin covers that area.




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